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Cloverfield Monster W.I.P. by oghaki Cloverfield Monster W.I.P. :iconoghaki:oghaki 2 0 Rough Tiger-to-Smilodon Restoration by oghaki Rough Tiger-to-Smilodon Restoration :iconoghaki:oghaki 66 4 Dragon by oghaki Dragon :iconoghaki:oghaki 4 2 Tyrannosaur by oghaki Tyrannosaur :iconoghaki:oghaki 27 3 T Rex Head and Torso by oghaki T Rex Head and Torso :iconoghaki:oghaki 21 2 T Rex Head by oghaki T Rex Head :iconoghaki:oghaki 12 9 WIP new T Rex GIMP by oghaki WIP new T Rex GIMP :iconoghaki:oghaki 1 2 WIP new T Rex. by oghaki WIP new T Rex. :iconoghaki:oghaki 10 0 Pachycephalosaurus modified skeleton by oghaki Pachycephalosaurus modified skeleton :iconoghaki:oghaki 9 3 Resting Pachycephalosaurus (skeletal visible) by oghaki Resting Pachycephalosaurus (skeletal visible) :iconoghaki:oghaki 9 6 Resting Pachycephalosaurus (GIMP) by oghaki Resting Pachycephalosaurus (GIMP) :iconoghaki:oghaki 67 10 Apatosaurus (OMNH 1670) (GIMP) by oghaki Apatosaurus (OMNH 1670) (GIMP) :iconoghaki:oghaki 13 4 Scale drawing of various extinct genre by oghaki
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Scale drawing of various extinct genre :iconoghaki:oghaki 8 0
Apatosaurus (OMNH 1670) line art by oghaki Apatosaurus (OMNH 1670) line art :iconoghaki:oghaki 5 2 Apatosaurus (OMNH 1670) skeletal drawing by oghaki Apatosaurus (OMNH 1670) skeletal drawing :iconoghaki:oghaki 13 6 Velociraptor skeleton by oghaki Velociraptor skeleton :iconoghaki:oghaki 39 2


Dimetrodon by Manuelsaurus Dimetrodon :iconmanuelsaurus:Manuelsaurus 78 15 rex again by pheaston rex again :iconpheaston:pheaston 230 36 Deinonychus antirrhopus by pheaston Deinonychus antirrhopus :iconpheaston:pheaston 294 26 tyrannosaurus rex by pheaston tyrannosaurus rex :iconpheaston:pheaston 149 14 Ceratosaurus by pheaston Ceratosaurus :iconpheaston:pheaston 165 12 Apatosaurus OMNH 1670 by modelnut Apatosaurus OMNH 1670 :iconmodelnut:modelnut 3 0 Apatosaurus OMNH 1670 by modelnut Apatosaurus OMNH 1670 :iconmodelnut:modelnut 4 0
Bringing Dimetrodon into the 21st century

I often have to sit on top of new skeletal reconstructions for a long time before I can show them (Utahraptor would be the most infamous example to my DA followers), but this one has been hard to clam up about since I did it more than a year ago: Dimetrodon grandis.
The skeletal was done during the design process for the excellent Permian line of clothes and merchandise  and they understandably wanted to wait on showing it off until their product line launched.
But now it has! So here is my overhaul of D. grandis, based as much as possible on the Smithsonian specimen, with the tail taken from other specimens. The high-walk-in-a-hurry pose is something I created specifically for Permia; I will be creating a more sedate high-walk pose for the version that eventually ends up in my galleries, but I didn't want to wait an
:iconscotthartman:ScottHartman 56 26
Biggest - Baddest REVISED by Kronosaurus82 Biggest - Baddest REVISED :iconkronosaurus82:Kronosaurus82 243 302 NEW VERSION SPINOSAURUS by Manuelsaurus NEW VERSION SPINOSAURUS :iconmanuelsaurus:Manuelsaurus 109 17 Cretaceous Giants of Asia - Download Available by PaleoGuy Cretaceous Giants of Asia - Download Available :iconpaleoguy:PaleoGuy 236 0 Deinocheirus updated after Hartman by PaleoGuy Deinocheirus updated after Hartman :iconpaleoguy:PaleoGuy 173 0 Spinosaurus aegyptiacus by Teratophoneus Spinosaurus aegyptiacus :iconteratophoneus:Teratophoneus 268 136 Deinocheirus in 'Don't Forget to Duck' by Smnt2000 Deinocheirus in 'Don't Forget to Duck' :iconsmnt2000:Smnt2000 498 116 Deinonychus antirrhopus 2014 by DELIRIO88 Deinonychus antirrhopus 2014 :icondelirio88:DELIRIO88 333 39 A correct look by Dontknowwhattodraw94 A correct look :icondontknowwhattodraw94:Dontknowwhattodraw94 319 156




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markwitton-diplodocus-scene is very ugly for me...he forget to complete trees and draw grass in Jurassic period....he did not drew diplodocus carefully...just his art have beautiful coloring...but beside art of other paleo-artists, it is like art of a children :)
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